How does it work?

Get spins and win cash credits for bills.
Written by TiFiPay Customer Service
Updated 1 year ago

It's simple!  Download the app and you get spins with our "Wheel of Bill Pay" when you refer your friends.  You also get free spins on a periodic basis since we think our wheel is cool.  When you spin the wheel, you win tickets that qualifies you to win credits.  These credits can be used to pay real bills  with our Bill Pay app.  

Weekly Prizes

Every week or semi weekly, we will do a drawing based on the tickets that people have earn.  Each ticket gives you a chance to win a weekly prize.  If you win, we will send a notification to your app with instructions to claim your prize.  We do need to get some information from you and verify you are the winner. 

We would love to announce the winners by posting on social media.  If you are one of the lucky winners, it would be nice if you can say something about your bill pay experience and refer your friends too.  

Grand Prize

While we will announce weekly winners, we will also have a final drawing for a grand prize winner.  Depending on how many people are playing and being referred to our app, we may grow the Grand Prize which makes it very exciting!  It's only fair that if you are referring your friends and family to spin the wheel, we want to grow the Grand Prize so that you are rewarded.  Like the weekly prizes, the Grand Prize is in the form of credits that you can use to pay real bills.  

So, the more you refer our app to your friends, we will grow the Grand Prize accordingly.  For the exact amount of credits for our Grand Prize, we will post the information in our Social Media channels.  

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