What is the Promotion App all about?

Waitlist for our Bill Pay App and a fun way to earn cash credits to pay bills.
Written by TiFiPay Customer Service
Updated 8 months ago

Since we're still building out a great Bill Pay App, we wanted to get something out for you to get on the waitlist and also to learn about our what we are doing.  We also created a fun "spin the wheel" contest where you can spin the wheel and win "tickets".  The tickets will give you a chance to win credits that you can use to pay your bills once the Bill Pay App is released.  We will have weekly or semi weekly drawings and will be announcing winners in our social media channels.  


Download the Promotion / Waitlist app gets you on the waitlist for our Bill Pay App.

Earn tickets that will give you a chance to win cash credits that can be used to pay your bills via our Bill Pay App once it's released.

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